Dream the better healthcare…implement the changes to make it happen.

Mission Statement

Coalesce passionate Healthcare Professionals, striving for excellent, inclusive, accessible healthcare for all Arizona Residents”


Promote partnerships and establish network facilitating the innovation of healthcare for all Arizona Residents.

Support and enhance Healthcare Professionals, to excel and enjoy the Delivery of care, Education, Research & Innovation in Medicine.

Enhance collaboration with any society that share the goal to develop sustainable cultural initiatives in Health, Arts & Integral wellbeing.

Speak with a unified voice – network with your colleagues – support Latino youth seeking professions in health care – participate in clinical research.

It’s Who we are:

Past Chairpersons
1993-1994 Hugo Rangel, MD (deceasd)
1995-1996 Victor Salazar-Calderón, MD
1997-1998 Eduardo Alcantar, MD
1999-2000 Francisco Valencia, MD
2001-2002 Raymond Valdivia, MD
2003-2006 Victor Salazar-Calderón, MD
2007-2008 Maritza Irizarry, MD
2009-2010 Victor Salazar-Calderón, MD
2011-2012 Carlos Cazares, DO
2013-2014 Victor Salazar-Calderón, MD
2015-2016 Altagracia Pacheco, MD
2017-2018 Gloria Castro, MD
2019-2023 Robert Bonillas, MD
2024-2025 Pedro Rodriquez-Guggiari, MD
2024-2025 Council

Executive Committee:
Chairperson: Pedro Rodriquez-Guggiari, MD
Immediate Past Chairperson: Robert Bonillas, MD
Vice Chairperson: Victor Salazar-Calderón, MD
Treasurer: Claudia Vargas, PharmD
Secretary: Paul Underwood, MD

Council Members
Gloria Castro, MD
Carlos Cazares, DO
Andres Hernandez, MD
Johnny Serrano, DO
Rosalia Vasquez, FNP-C

Attention New members

Please email your name, e-mail address, phone number, specialty, profession and place of business directly to Adolfo Echeveste at adolfo@almahealthcare.com.

Dues may be paid by check addressed to:

PO Box 24152
Tempe, AZ 85285

Dues may also be paid electronically, with an additional service fee added, at the links below:

Arizona Licensed Physicians

Practicing physician (MD, DO, NMD) member dues ($300) are due on January 1 each year. Payment of dues no later than March 31 entitles member to $500 Gala ticket for purchase at $300. Discounted ticket is not transferable to another party. You may also purchase a companion ticket for your spouse or +1 for $300. For discount to be valid tickets must be purchased by November 1.

Dues payed after March 31 are considered late dues and are assessed a $50 late fee.

Physician receiving their license within the last 4 years only pay $50 annual dues for first 2 years. This is accepted on the honor system as ALMA will not require documented proof.

Amigo De Alma – Corporate Membership

Membership in Amigos de ALMA is open to corporations and businesses that support ALMA’s goals. Annual dues are $500 per calendar year. Amigos de ALMA receive recognition on ALMA’s website, contact information, and website link.

Non-Physician Professionals

Associate Membership is open to non-physician professionals, such as PhDs, RNs, NPs, and PAs. Associate member dues ($200) are due on January 1 each year. Dues paid after March 31 are considered late dues and are assessed a $50 late fee. There is a $4 charge to pay on-time dues and a $7 charge to pay late dues via credit card to offset fees. Members are welcome at ALMA medical education seminar dinners.

Retired Physicians

Retired Physicians are welcome to join ALMA at a reduced rate of $50.00 annually. Dues are due on January 1 of each year. Retired Physician members are welcome at our regular Medical Education Seminar Dinners. We understand that retirement doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your involvement in the healthcare industry, and we value the knowledge and experience that retired physicians bring to our organization.

As a member of ALMA, retired physicians have access to educational seminars, networking opportunities, and other resources to help them stay informed about advancements in healthcare and continue their professional development. Our Medical Education Seminar Dinners provide a platform for retired physicians to connect with colleagues and learn from experts in various fields of medicine.

In addition, retired physicians can also contribute to ALMA through mentorship programs and sharing their expertise with current medical students or young professionals. By staying involved in the healthcare community, retired physicians can continue making a positive impact on patient care even after leaving active practice.

Medical Students and Residents

Medical Students and Residents are welcome to join ALMA at a reduced rate of $10.00 annually.Dues are due on January 1 of each year. Please consider making ALMA a part of your career path as we have made you a special part of our efforts. Your success is crucial to all of us!

ALMA dinner meeting information.

Prospective members may come to 2 meetings to determine if they are interested in becoming a member. To continue to attend they must become ALMA members.

Event Calendar
ALMA Medical Education Seminar

Topic: A Paradigm Shift for appropriate Labs and coding-A concierge service.

Presentation by: Alex Mohamed, Lions Laboratory

The ALMA education dinner meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 16, 2024, 6:30 PM reception, 7:00 P.M. dinner & program, sponsored by Maria Bedolla White, Lions Laboratory.

Please email your reservation to Adolfo Echeveste at adolfo@almahealthcare.com RSVP’s accepted on a first-come first-service basis until we reach maximum seating capacity.

Please name healthcare providers attending. In accordance with PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals, attendance at this educational program is limited to healthcare professionals, accordingly; attendance by guests or spouses is not
appropriate and cannot be accommodated.

Meeting Site:
El Chullo Peruvian Restaurant
4414 N. 7th. Ave,
Phoenix, AZ 85013
6:30 PM Reception
7:00 PM Call to Order – Dinner Pedro Rodriquez, MD. Introduction of Sponsor & Speaker. Presentation followed by questions
8:15 PM Announcements & introductions.
8:45 PM Adjourn