The ALMA Council and its members sincerely appreciate the participation and contributions from all of our physicians, ancillary health care professionals, and corporate sponsors.


Platinum Co-Sponsor

Equality Health – We Believe in Equal Health for All. At our core, we exist to end health disparities and improve the health of individuals, families and communities. Founded in 2015, Equality Health, a whole-health delivery system, aims to improve access to value-based care for people who have long struggled with navigating the traditional one-size-fits-all U.S. healthcare system. Equality Health expands access to high-quality care by empowering payers and providers to deliver an exceptional patient experience, while lowering cost of care and improving clinical outcomes. The goal? To ensure all people receive high-quality care that improves and enhances their lives regardless of race, ethnicity, age or income.

ALMA Silver Sponsors

Abrazo Health

Arizona Center for Cancer Care

Clinica Del Dr. Cazares

Community Hospital Associates-UAG School of Medicine

Louis Gatchel, Morgan Stanley

Platinum Co-Sponsor

The Equality Health Foundation – Is a new non-profit organization that is here to level the healthcare playing field in culturally diverse and underserved communities. Our goal is to expand access to care, accelerate health education, and eliminate healthcare inequalities so that everyone in our multicultural community has an opportunity to lead healthier and longer lives.



ALMA Silver Sponsors

Medical Advancement Center of Arizona (MCOA Health)

Open MRI Solutions

Sunrise Care Homes Inc.

Dr. Paul Underwood, Cardio MedSci Consulting